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Pakiet Kobiety dla Polski upamiętnia

zapomniane, a ważne dla Polski postaci kobiet.

The "Towards the Girls" association has been found for the purpose of satysfying the needs of all the Girls. We would like the particular Girls problems of arising in the adolescent age to be noticed and understood by adults. We would like to support Girls in their difficult moments and to propose them some knowledge and skills necessary for opposing economic and social inequalities faced by women.

We would also like to work with coeducative groups of young people - school classes, workshop groups and others to give examples of good equality practices, respectful cooperation and peaceful, non-violent ways of conflict solving.


The "Towards the Girls" association was created to:


  • inform the public about particular, Girl's problems and needs of adolescent age;
  • empower the Girls and give them knowledge and skills needed to built competent life strategies and solutions;
  • show to Parents ways of building positive relations with their Daughters;
  • promote a vision of Girls Friendly, Equality Based School;
  • show the advantages of Girls empowerment;
  • unite persons, groups and institutions willing to act in favour of Girls.


The vision of the "Toward the girls" association

We would like each Girl to:


  • believe in herself;
  • openly say what she thinks and feels;
  • be able to fight for her voice to be heard and considered;
  • look for challenges, take risk and not to fear mistakes;
  • take responsibility for herself and learn to be responsible for others too.


We direct our activities to:


  • girls;
  • teachers;
  • feminist/ human rights activists and scholars;

We would like to influence the whole society for the purpose of making the life of girls safer, more succesfull, equal to the life of boys and supported by various groups and in various ways.

Now some of us write materials for teachers about preventing the harassement of girls at schools and in the peer groups. We also write a manual for the civic education lessons at schools.

What we do?

Our fauvorite activities are:

trainings for teachers, school and social workers, students and NGO members about: equal rights education, women and girls rights, herstory application in schools etc;

writing and publishing materials for teachers and trainers, like the school scenarios (we already published more than 50 ready lesson scenarios ready to use in public and private schools (agreed with the existing framework of education, but accentuating the gender equality, herstory, women, girls and minorities rights etc);

training Girls and school youth at schools and in public space.

All our materials, including lessons scenarios, manuals for teachers and texts, were until now published under open licences of the Creative Commons. We belive, that the culture of sharing, cooperation and participation is the best tool for creating an egalitarian culture.

We would like to express our gratitude to our sponsors, supporters and all the individuals and groups who help us, especially:


The MamaCash Foundation from Holland;

The House of Polish-German Cooperation in Gliwice.


Brief herstory of the "Toward the Girls" association:

The organisation was founded in February 2006. The main founder of the Association is Anna Wołosik, and all the other members are co-founders of it. Some of us provided further support with legal and foundrising advice, website maintening etc.

All of our members are or at least were involved in education and/ or feminist/ women rights issues. Almost all of us are women, except for one man. Women hold all the board positions of our organisation. The opening of the ngo was enthousiastic, since there was no organisation until now in Poland, which would work primarily in the field of education from the feminist positions. The rights of Girls, their empowerment and stories were usually omitted in the educational system, therefore we felt we should do something there.

Our organisation in counted amongst "teachers ngos" in Poland, it was also joint to the group of education-working ngos by the CODN (Teachers Education National Centre). We belong to the "Partnerstwo dla Łomianek" (Partnership for Łomianki), local union of ngo's, business entities and city authorities for the development of Łomianki (a small town near Warsaw). We cooperated with some women rights organisations in Poland, like: Feminoteka, PSF Centre for Women, UFA (The Centra Foundation) and with some other ngo, like Fundacja Nowoczesna Polska and The House of Polish-German Cooperation in Gliwice.

We did and participated in several educational projects and cooperated with some women iniciatives in Poland. This applicationis our first one to be sent abroad. We got a couple of small institutional grants until now, but in general the Polish funds for education/ women rights are very restreind now because of the political situation. We were supported by the Mamacash Foundation from the Netherlands (2007-8) and by the funds from the EEA Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism (2007-8).